Should you sell your house privately

Should you sell your house privately? 

There’s a simple answer to the question: ‘Can I sell my house privately?’

And that is yes. 

On the other hand ‘Should you sell your house privately?’ That’s not quite as simple.

Let us explain. 


Why would a homeowner want to sell their property privately?

A private house sale is one where you sell directly to the buyer, without using an estate agent.

Homeowners might want to sell their property privately for a number of different reasons.

Maybe they’ve had a bad experience selling through estate agents in the past. Or perhaps they simply want more control over the process. It could be that they have already identified a buyer in which case they wouldn’t benefit from enlisting the help of an agent. 

One of the biggest advantages to selling privately is the potential for saving money with no expensive estate agents fees to factor in.

However, selling a house on your own does mean you’ll be responsible for each stage of the selling process.

It will require you to manage your own advertising, conduct your own viewings, and prepare the legal documentation. 

Any mishaps or errors that occur during the process will land at your doorstep, so you will need to bear this mind. 


5 benefits to selling your home privately


Handle how your house is advertised 

When you think about it, having a complete stranger advertise a house you have lived in for years doesn’t make much sense, does it? You know your home inside out. So who better to market it to potential buyers? Advertising yourself can give you the ability to reach new audiences away from estate agents’ offices, and you’re in control of the budget so you can spend as little or as much as you want. Advertising a house can actually be fun, too. Create a blog, post photos on your social media accounts, you can even film a video tour. All the usual options are still available of course – listings in the newspaper, property list sites etc – so just choose what suits your situation best. 


Price the house realistically to what you know it to be worth 

Setting the right price for your house is crucial. Too high and you’ll scare off potential buyers, too low and you could end up losing out on thousands. Some unscrupulous estate agents may underprice a property in order to push through a quick sale. Alternatively, if you need to achieve a quick sale you won’t want them marketing the property at too high a price.  Anybody going down the estate agent route should always ensure they do their research – check reviews, speak with any previous customers you know. If you are valuing the property yourself, independent valuers are a sound option, while there’s also a host of online tools readily available. Again, research is imperative. Find out how much similar houses in your neighbourhood have sold for. Check the previous sale price for your property. And spend a bit of time getting to understand the property market. All this will help you arrive at the perfect price.


Avoid sky-high estate agent fees

Money is, of course, more often than not the most important factor to consider when it comes to selling a property. One of the biggest benefits to selling a home privately is without a doubt the opportunity to avoid paying extortionate estate agent fees. Estate agents usually charge a percentage fee for their service, which can range from 0.75% to 3% of the agreed selling price. These fees may not sound a lot, but when you consider 3% of £250,000 is £7,500 then that’s a lot of money going in somebody else’s pocket when it could be staying in yours. 


You won’t lose days waiting around 

Communication is hugely important in the property industry. If you’re sitting around waiting for a less than communicative estate agent to reply to a query then not only are you out of the loop, which can be extremely frustrating, you could also be missing out on vital information that could progress the sale. This can prove extremely troublesome when you’re trying to sell up in a short space of time. Selling a home privately means you know everything that’s going on, and you aren’t having to hassle an estate agent regularly for updates.  


You know your home

Buyers can find it a lot more comfortable dealing directly with a seller. You know everything there is to know about your home, so can answer any questions they may have fully.  You will be able to give them information about the neighbourhood, your neighbours, the nearby schools, the nearest pub. It might not seem all that important but this personal touch can make a real difference when selling. The agent you choose to use may not even live in the same town or city. 


Hull Cash Buyers can help with a fast sale

Privately selling a house or using an estate agent are not a seller’s only two options.

Property cash buyers are becoming an increasingly popular alternative thanks to a speedy exchange process that removes much of the stress and risk attached to selling 

Hull Cash Buyers will offer cash for your property within an hour of viewing it.

No strings, no stress, no estate agent fees. Not  a moment wasted. 

You remain in control of the entire process – just as if you were selling privately. And our local property team has decades of experience in the sector in case you need any advice – just like if you were dealing with an estate agent. 

Get in touch today for a free, no obligation, cash offer. 

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