Should I sell my house furnished or unfurnished

Should I sell my house furnished or unfurnished?

There are many questions to consider and a number of quandaries to overcome when putting your house on the market.

One of the key decisions that you’ll likely have to make is whether to advertise your property furnished or unfurnished.

Many homeowners, potential buyers, and agents alike, will voice contrasting views when weighing up the pros and cons of both options.

A multitude of variables can come into play and influence your choice – including personal taste, location and the demographic of your target audience – especially with swelling profit margins in mind.

Some will suggest that a beautifully and tastefully furnished house can add to its perceived value which, in turn, will contribute to a higher price tag.

However, on the flip side, depending on your situation, specifically furnishing a property for the purpose of selling, through purchasing, hiring or using professional staging services, can prove costly, which can narrow margins significantly.


Benefits of selling your property furnished 

  • Convenience. Some homeowners who make the decision to sell a property fully furnished do so because it’s generally the most convenient, and least stressful, path to take, especially if they are still living in the property.


  • Painting a picture. You can make a house feel more like a home for prospective buyers by increasing its aesthetic appeal. If the viewer can picture themselves living there, they’re more likely to make an offer. Providing decoration limits the risk of a property looking lifeless, dull and uninspiring.


  • Cover up. Ensuring that your house is fully furnished enables the owner or vendor to hide any small imperfections. If you don’t have the finances to renovate, or the expertise to titivate, then carpet stains, markings on walls, chipped paint, or cracked woodwork can all be covered by strategically placed movables.


  • Increase the price. Providing that magazine-ready look for interested parties can ultimately heighten the perceived value of the property and attract a higher asking price. Buyers will be more likely to part with their cash, and more of it, if they’re being offered a more rounded package.


  • Utilise what you have. Mastering the layout of your home, and maximising the space, can be a real advantage when it comes to selling your home. Furnishings, in their correct place, can help prospective buyers get a picture of how the space in individual rooms can be best utilised. 

Benefits of selling your property unfurnished

  • Play it safe. Using the wrong furnishings, which aren’t particularly pleasing on the eye, can do more harm than good. That’s why some experts would recommend playing it safe by keeping things to a bare minimum.


  • See into space. Seeing the architecture in all its glory, without having to see past the furnishings, can be a huge plus point when selling your home. Some buyers are simply more attracted to the open space — to appreciate the true size and construction of the property — as they’re able to envisage what to do with it.


  • Less worry. Less planning and preparation will ease your stress levels and make the whole sale process much more manageable. Lower the costs, lower the hassle and allow your home to be viewed at any given moment.


  • Avoid excessive expenditure. Equipping your house with furnishings for other people’s perusal can be quite an expensive move. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get back what you forked out on it, either. Leaving your home unfurnished will alleviate some of the stress that often comes when selling your property.


How do you know which to opt for? 

Much of this hinges on personal preference, a seller’s circumstances and the situation surrounding their decision to place a property on the market. Have you already moved on to your new home? Are you selling the home of a deceased relative? Is it a second home? Or are you relocating and in need of a quick sale. All these will have a bearing on a seller’s final decision.

Here at Hull Cash Buyers, we recommend spending that extra penny and going that extra mile to fully furnish your home if you’re looking for a quick house sale. While this potentially reduces the buyer pool, furnished properties generally attract a higher level of interest and accelerates the process.

Sprucing up the interior, and installing all the necessary details, adds character, generates a feeling of warmth and makes it easier to draw the buyer in. It also enables the viewer to visualise dimensions and room plans.

There are always risks involved in selling a house. You’ll just have to decide if furnishing it is one you’re willing to take.


Putting your property in an optimum position for selling 

Whether you’ve decided to furnish your home for sale, or whether you’ve decided against it, ensure that every step is taken to boost your property into an optimum position for a quick and profitable sale.

Take time to cover up any wear and tear; conceal slight cracks, mask unsightly marks, shroud stubborn stains and disguise any dents. All these little imperfections will count against you if made visible so the smallest touches can make the biggest difference!

Think neutral when considering your design and decor to minimise the risk of alienating any prospective buyers. Use your own furniture to limit expenditure if possible, though more and more sellers are choosing to have their homes professionally staged.

These showroom stylists will add fresh, light and airy touches to your home to showcase its livability while creating a warm and welcoming ambience for all that walk through your front door.

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