Selling Your House - FAQs

Selling Your House in Hull – FAQs

The covid-19 pandemic forced us all to stop and literally stay indoors. Without downplaying the severity of the virus and the many lives that it has already affected across the world, quarantine life has had it upsides: for many, it’s been a chance to reflect and re-evaluate what they actually want out of life with covidivorvces and coronababies representative of the two ends of the spectrum. 


Out of autopilot mode and with time to think (but nowhere to go), many of us are reflecting on our homes and where we want to live, leading to a surge in people looking to move. 


Selling your house is a very stressful process though (with or without a pandemic) so we thought it’d be useful to share some of the FAQs that we’re often asked. 



How do I value my home to know what’s a realistic price? 


You’ve got to do your research before you move things forwards: price too high and your home will be left on the market unsold for months if not years; price too low and you’ll lose out. 


Start with online research first using Rightmove and/or Zoopla to check sold prices over the last 12 months of homes in your area. Be realistic though and don’t let pride blur your vision on the pricing front — if a house on your street has been newly decorated and a kitchen extension added but yours hasn’t been touched for over a decade then don’t expect to get the same price. 


How long does it take to sell a home in the UK? 


It all depends on where you live, whether you sell with an estate agent (or choose other selling options), and what the market is like. According to a recent study, over 50% of sellers are still trying to sell 10 months after they first listed the property. 


Is now a good time to sell


Traditional peaks and troughs in the housing market have become less important over recent years with wider issues dictating the rate of play; Brexit, a winter general election and a global pandemic to mention just a few recent examples. So if you want to move and are serious about selling, then do it on your terms whenever the time is right. 


How many viewings does it take to sell a home? 


It takes on average 10 viewings to achieve an acceptable offer. 


How often do sales fall through? 


According to a Which? recent survey, half of all property sales in the UK fall through costing home-owners on average £2,899 everytime it happens. 


How do you stop a house sale falling through


You can’t. The UK property market just doesn’t offer security to the seller as the deal is not legally binding until contracts are officially exchanged. 


How do you guarantee a sale? 


Genuine cash buying companies. It’s the only way to guarantee a sale, maintain control of the price, and move quickly (sometimes as fast as 7 days). Just make sure that you do your research and choose a genuine company. 


Who will sell my house? 


You’ve got options. Estate agents, online agents, auctions, and cash buying companies — it all depends on where your priorities lie between speed and price. If you need help working out what’s right for you, call our team on 01482 655346. 


Do I have to get my house ready to sell? 


Again, it depends on what option you choose: 


  • Estate agent (online and offline) → Yes. First impressions count when selling on the open market so you need to take time getting your home ready to sell if you want to achieve the best price.
  • Cash buying company → No. They’ll buy as seen so no need to waste time, money or effort making it look pretty or doing any repairs.
  • Auction → No. Auctions attract investors looking for a deal, so any work you do, they’ll probably be re-doing any way.

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