Benefits Of Selling Your Home To Hull Cash Buyers

Benefits of Selling Your Home To Hull Cash Buyers

Hull Cash Buyers buys homes in Hull and East Yorkshire for cash. As a cash property buyer, we have immediate access to funds without the need for investors, third-parties or lenders. This means that we can exchange on a property within a couple of days, so you get your money quickly. Of course, if you need a longer timeline then we are flexible and will work with you.

We promise to offer cash on every home that we see, and will buy a property no matter what condition it is in. As local people having worked in the property industry in Hull for over a decade, we understand the market and will make sure that we offer you a fair and accurate price for your home.  

Why Choose Hull Cash Buyers?

  • Same Day Cash Offer For Your Home

We will offer cash on any home that we see, providing it is located in Hull or East Yorkshire, whatever condition it is in; from a newly renovated family home, to a dated ex-council house or a fire damaged apartment.

A quick cash sale is usually the primary motivation for most of our customers, and we make sure that we deliver on this. We are not reliant on investors and use our own funds, so once a price is agreed then we can move things forwards very quickly; in fact, we can exchange within a couple of days of you accepting our cash offer.

That said, we are also totally flexible and will work with timelines that suit you if this needs to be extended.

We are born and bred in Hull and have worked in the property market here for over a decade; we really do know it like the back of our hand with its many intricacies from street to street. We strongly believe that every home is different, and you can only give an accurate price when you see it; and that is exactly what we do at Hull Cash Buyers, visiting every single home before we make an offer. We certainly would never give a desktop valuation like most national companies, who use machine-led algorithms to work out what they are prepared to pay for your home.

  • No Fees So You Save Money

We’re not an estate agent. We are cash property buyers. That means you have no selling fees, so there is more money for you. We will also cover your legal fees if you want to use our recommended solicitor.

  • No Hassle

We work with you closely during the house sale period, to remove as much stress as possible and ensure that your house sale is completed quickly. We are always on hand to answer any questions, and you will always deal with the same person at Hull Cash Buyers from start to finish. The normal stresses associated with selling a home aren’t relevant with Hull Cash Buyers; there is no annoying chain, irritating estate agent, or mortgage lender issues.

If you are interested in selling your home quickly, or simply don’t want the stress of a traditional route, then call us on 01482 655346 and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

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