Sell House Fast - Relocation

Sell My House Fast – Relocation

Relocation often means that you need to sell your house fast; you might have landed a new job in another city with an immediate start, found the love of your life 200 miles away, want to move nearer your family, or are just fed up with the British weather and want to enjoy sunnier climes.

Whatever your motivation for relocating, selling your house quickly is often the top priority.

But selling a property isn’t always a simple process, and can often feel stressful especially if you need the money from your home to fund your next steps.

Your mind can go into overdrive before you’ve even finished that glass of champagne to celebrate your relocation news: what if my home doesn’t sell, what if the process takes longer than a few weeks, what if the sale falls through ….the list goes on.

If those worries and questions sound familiar, property cash buyers like Hull Cash Buyers are a selling option worth some serious consideration with a business model focused on speed and efficiency. Plus, it’s a guaranteed sale.

Property Cash Buying Benefits

  • Guaranteed sale

    • There’s no risk of your buyer not securing a mortgage, as they will be purchasing your property with cash.
  • No chain

    • There are no third-parties to worry about. That means that you can dictate your own timeframes for completion to fit in with your relocation plans – perfect if that dream job starts next month!
  • No stress

    • You don’t need to set the scene to sell. Property cash buying companies will buy your home whatever state of disrepair its in – so, you can leave that paintbrush in its box, and put your feet up once the process gets going as they will pretty much handle the process for you.
  • No fees

    • You agree a price for your home – and that’s it. There are no estate agent or online fees to pay.
  • Quick

    • You can have the money in your pocket for your house within a couple of days. You set the timelines that fit in with your relocation plans.

But what about using an estate agent?

Doing things differently than what has been done for years, can feel like entering uncharted water. But change is good, and you’re definitely not alone. Property cash buying companies are on the rise, as more and more people want a quick, hassle free sale of their home.

  • Estate Agents

    • They will list your home on the open market but there is no guarantee of a sale, it’s expensive compared to other options, and it’s not a quick process. In fact, the average time to sell a property in the UK tends to be around 102 days according to the latest figures published.
  • Online Agents

    • Online estate agents charge up-front fees rather than a commission on completion of sale; that means that it doesn’t matter to them whether your home sells or not. Plus, it’s your responsibility to handle the sales process, which can be very time-consuming and stressful especially if you don’t know what you are doing.
  • Auction

    • They tick the speed box, but your selling price is unpredictable which restricts planning you next move, plus auction fees are high.

Leaving Hull or East Yorkshire to relocate and need to sell your home quickly? Get in touch with our friendly team on 01482 655346. We make a same-day offer on every property we see.

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