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How To Sell A House Fast In Any Market

Selling a home can be a frustrating process especially if you need to sell fast. From political factors like Brexit instability, to low ball offers, and buyer indecisiveness — there’s no control or guarantees.   

And when the market is slow, it only makes the problem worse and the prospect of selling even less alluring. 

But what if you need to sell right now? You’ve had a new job offer hundreds of miles away that starts in less than a month? You’ve met the love of your life at the other end of the country? The kids have flown the nest and you want to downsize, cut costs, and enjoy life? You’ve inherited a property in disrepair that will cause more hassle than it’s worth? Your debts have suddenly spiralled out of control and you need to release money to avoid repossession? The list goes on. 

These situations are never the product of careful planning. Instead, they tend to always happen at ‘bad’ selling times when the market is slow, houses are sticking, and prices are low. 

So what can you do if you find yourself in this situation? 


Your house selling options

Option A: List your home on the open market via an estate agent then just hope and pray that luck is on your side and the perfect buyer gets in touch with a fair offer.   

Option B:  Forget the notion of  ‘bad market’ and ‘good market’ and take matters into your own hands by selling your home to an investor or property cash buying company  like Hull Cash Buyers for a price that you’re happy with. Beyond a guaranteed, quick sale (no matter the market), there are other benefits too: 

  • Save time:  First impressions usually count, but not for a property investor. They can look past the unkempt lawn, flowered carpets and cracked bathroom tiles and focus entirely on the potential. So keep your money in your bank and your stress levels in check — curb appeal doesn’t matter. 
  • Save money: For a guaranteed, quick sale, you have to be realistic with selling price and accept that it may be slightly less than market value as the investor has to make money from the renovation. But with this route there are no selling fees to consider as you’re dealing directly with the buyer — in other words there’s no middleman estate agent. Some investors will also pay your legal fees to keep the process quick and hassle free.  

No matter the state of the housing market, you can always sell your home, as long as you’re prepared to consider different selling options.  Estate agents are one way — they just aren’t the best way if speed is your priority. 

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