Quick House Sale - Is It Possible With Brexit?

Quick House Sale: Is it possible with Brexit uncertainty and a looming general election?

With the general election fast bearing down upon us, we’re all acutely aware that we’re voting for more than just a political party, and instead the future direction of our country and relationship with Europe. No matter what they tell you, this election is focused on one central issue— and that’s Brexit. 

It’s dominated politics since the referendum in 2016, and 3.5 years later we’re still no closer to exiting the EU. And with each passing milestone, it feels as if political unpredictability and uncertainty is now expected and routed in our day-to-day lives. 

But can we afford to keep putting on lives on hold whilst the politicians ‘work out’ what’s best for us? We get asked a lot by people whether they should wait for Brexit to happen before selling their home or not. And the question has become even more prevalent over the last couple of weeks since Johnson called the general election. And the question makes sense — a fresh face in No.10 with differing policy ideas could change the ‘planned’ Brexit direction as well as domestic policies that will affect the housing market. For example, Johnson has talked about cutting stamp duty rates for buyers and passing it onto vendors, but will Corbyn (or even Swinston) do the same? 

With so many questions that no-one can accurately answer, if you want to move, we’d advise getting on with it.

Our Top tips for a quick house sale even in a time of political uncertainty:

  • Price your house right: it’s no good looking at what you neighbour sold their house for 5 years ago, the housing market is changeable, so do your research and be honest and realistic. If you’re really serious about moving, then consider selling your home for slightly less than market value — academic of the time of the year or political movements, a house priced right will always sell. 
  • Work out your priorities: is the priority to move before the end of the year because your dream job starts in January? Then don’t look for an estate agent, look for a local property cash buying company instead. Why? Well, once you agree a price, they can exchange within a couple of days (or whatever timelines work best for you). With an estate agent, you’re looking at months and that’s if everything goes well. Read this blog on how to sell your home quickly for more tips
  • Choose the right buyer:  38% of agreed sales fell through in 2018 in the UK for a multitude of reasons, but often the result of a chain breaking down. So, if possible, try and find a chain free buyer. In other words, a first-time buyer or someone in rented accommodation with a mortgage in principle in place. To reduce the risk even further, property cash buying companies are your best option — with immediate access to cash funds, they can offer a guaranteed sale.  

If you live in Hull or East Yorkshire and want to sell your home quickly, then get in touch with our team on 01482 655346. We guarantee to make a cash offer on every home that we see and can exchange within a couple of days. 

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