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Why should I sell my house now? 

2020 has been a turbulent year for the property market.  It all started so well with the Conservative party election...
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Estate Agent Fees — The Facts 

  Estate agent fees are a contentious issue for many. And that was before COVID-19 accelerated already-growing online trends.  RightMove,...
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House Sale Fallen Through — What’s Next? 

1 in 3 house sales in the UK fall through, irrelevant of whether the market is roaring or in retreat....
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How To Sell Your Flat Fast — Guide

Coronavirus has forced change; from the extinction of the daily commute, freedom of travel, and mass gatherings to our increasing...
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How to sell your house without an estate agent

Estate agent fees can be a tough pill to swallow with typical costs ranging between 0.75% and 3.0% +VAT of...
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How many house sales fall through at the last minute in the UK? 

Almost a quarter of all house sales fell through at the last minute in England and Wales last year.   ...
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How will coronavirus affect the UK property market? 

The economic effects of a pandemic on a modern economy are unclear. In unprecedented times there’s no comparative data that...
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Property Chain – FAQs

A property chain — what is it, why is it so fragile, and how do you avoid getting caught up...
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What’s the fastest way to sell a house?   

The fastest way to sell a house is to a cash buying company (or an investor). You have the choice...
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Companies that buy houses for cash — how do you know that they are genuine?   

Companies that buy houses for cash are on the rise as more and more people look to sell their home...
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How to value a house to get a quick sale

People tend to have two priorities when selling their home: firstly how much will they get, and secondly how long...
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What To Do If Your House Sale Falls Through? 

In an ideal world, the selling process goes something like this: you decide to move; put your house up for...
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