How to add value to your home

How To Add Value To Your Home

People have never spent so much time at home. Working from home, homeschooling, holidays in the garden. If the past 12 months have taught us anything, it’s that home is definitely where the heart is. Not surprising then that the amount of property makeovers in 2020 went through the roof as DIY became an escapism from lockdown. Home improvements not only make our homes a much nicer place to eat, sleep, and escape the world. They can also add real value to your home. And when you’re coming to sell, maximising the value of where you live right now is vital if you’re wanting to climb as high as possible up the property ladder.


Checklist: The home improvements that add value to your home


If you’re wondering how to add value to your home through home improvements, then this handy room-by-room guide is the perfect place to start.



  • A full kitchen remodel or extension is where a lot of people start when looking to improve their home. It will undoubtedly add thousands on to the value of your home, and is a great opportunity to create an updated, modern space. 
  • If you’re not wanting to rip apart an entire room, installing bifold or sliding doors will instantly give flagging kitchens a contemporary feel while flooding the area with natural light.


Living Room 

  • How long has that carpet been down for now? Living room floors see plenty of wear and tear. Laying a new carpet, or replacing your tired old one with wood flooring could just be what your living room needs to bring it back to life.
  • Fireplaces are a true living room focal point. Renovating yours could transform the entire room for a relatively small cost. Wood-burning stoves are in-vogue at the moment, and may bump up the price of your house when you come to sell. 



  • A small bedroom makeover is a cheap and easy option if you’re looking at how to add value to your home on a budget. Painting the walls can change the entire ambiance of a room, while fitted wardrobes could free up space as well as creating a sleek and stylish look. 



  • Garden ‘lockdown’ bars have become all the rage in 2020/21. If you haven’t transformed the bottom of your garden into the neighbourhood’s new ‘local’ then what are you waiting for? An extra room can be a huge attraction when people are looking to buy. 
  • A conservatory is a good way to add extra living space to a house. It will enhance your property internally, and externally, and can be used all year round.  
  • If a garden room or a conservatory doesn’t appeal, then decking a section of the garden is a great way to transform the outside, ready for a summer of sun. It may be worth buying an outdoor heater and an umbrella, too. 



  • Converting an existing cellar can boost a property’s value by thousands. Maybe you’re working from home, and you need office space; or maybe you’re still homeschooling, and you need a wine cellar. Transforming a cellar can be a fairly straightforward job, but the benefits, huge. 



  • A loft conversion in order to add an extra bedroom is a surefire way to see the value of your home soar. There are lots of different types of conversions, so be sure to speak with a builder and an architect to find out your best options. 



  •  A new bathroom will definitely lead to a rise in price – but it will set you back a few quid. To keep the price down, a brand new shower may still have the desired effect for a fraction of the cost. 


Preparing to sell your home quickly


Home improvements take time, effort and money, and for some people the financial gain is outweighed by the need to move quickly (from a new job at the other end of the country to needing cash to avoid repossession). 

Putting your house on the market, dealing with estate agents and solicitors takes time and inevitably brings with it further cost and hassle.

Rather than wait and potentially complicate the matter, Hull Cash Buyers offer a quick and easy cash sale option that’s perfect for anyone wanting to move hassle-free. Call us on 01482 655 346 for more information.  




What is the average cost of renovating a home in the UK? 

The total price for renovating a home can vary greatly. Size, age and condition, the area, how much work you want carried out; there are a number of factors to consider when working out the cost of a renovation. However, on average a full renovation is going to cost anywhere between £50,000 and £100,000.   


Does double glazing add value to your home? 

On top of reducing a property’s energy bills, installing double glazing in your home could increase its value by as much as 10%. 

Double glazed windows will add style and security to a property, making it more attractive to potential buyers. It is one of the most important improvements you can make to a home.  


Should I add a garage to my home (and is the cost worth the increase in value)? 

Adding a garage could add up around 10% of the value of a property, but the cost will be substantial. A double garage – with room for an office or gym – could make the expense worthwhile. If you live in an area where parking is at a premium, then you may make even more back on the outlay. 

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