How much is my house worth

How Much Is My House Worth?

How much is my house worth – it’s one of the most frequent questions on sellers lips. 

And, it’s no wonder – everyone wants to make as much as they can when they make the decision to move. 

But,  it’s not a simple question to answer. 

So before you step into the house-valuing and price-setting ring, you need to first work out your priorities and motivation for selling. 

Perhaps you’ve just landed your dream job on the other side of the world and need to move right away; maybe you’re going through a divorce and need to sell quickly to finance your fresh start; or perhaps you’ve outgrown your home and just want to move somewhere bigger. The list goes on. 

Your motivation for selling will determine the approach you take. It all boils down to how quickly you need the money and/or need to move. 

We’ve rounded up your three key considerations below:  


The ultimate question. 

Set your property price too high and no one will be interested. You’ll be sat on it for months, if not years, making the selling process more of a vanity exercise rather than having any real substance. 

So, you need to be realistic on the price front if you’re serious about selling. 

If you don’t need to move right away, then working with your local estate agent is probably your best option. They will know your local area well, and so should provide a realistic valuation based on a plethora of factors, like your location, the condition of your home, and its size. They act as the middleman, connecting you to buyers, and charging a fee for their service. What they don’t do though, is move fast. 

So, if speed is top of your list, then you need to move away from traditional selling processes. Instead, property cash buying companies will be a better fit for you. Yes, you may need to lower your asking price slightly but they can exchange within 7 days; that’s cash in your bank, and you onto your next move. 


We’ve just touched on it, but speed is often as important as price for sellers; and sometimes more so. 

People can’t always afford to wait for a lengthy sales process, for example those with an immediate need to relocate, or who find themselves in debt and facing repossession

Property cash buying companies are the buyer, so there is no middleman estate agent involved. They will view your property, make an offer, and if accepted can usually exchange within 7 days. It’s of mutual benefit to move quickly, so they will guide you through the process to make sure that it’s as smooth as possible. 

It’s not quite the same on the open market with an estate agent where properties can take months to sell. Worse still, there is no guarantee that they will sell with so many uncontrollable risks; not least a buyers change of heart at the 11th hour.  


When selling your home, the final figure isn’t always the amount that you actually receive. What do we mean, we hear you ask? Well, if you’re selling your home via an estate agent (online or offline) then you’ll have selling fees to pay; usually around 1% of your selling price. And, don’t forget your legal fees. 

By contrast, property cash buying companies don’t charge selling fees as they are the buyer. And some will even cover your legal fees if you choose their chosen solicitor. Bonus – they also won’t care what condition your property is in, so there are no ‘sprucing up’ fees to consider either. 

So, if speed and money come top of your list in fairly equal measures, then property cash buying companies are heads and shoulders above the rest. But how do you choose the right company

Our best advice – think local before national. 

They will offer you a fair and accurate price for your home, they won’t move on price, and you’re not fixed into a contract. Plus, they should only be a stone’s throw away if you need extra support and a friendly face to speak with during the selling process.

If you live in Hull or East Yorkshire and want to sell your home quickly and for a fair price, then call us on 01482 655346. We will make a same-day cash offer on your home.  

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