How long does a HomeBuyers survey take?

How long does a HomeBuyers survey take?

Buying a home rarely comes cheap. 

So it’s only right you know exactly what you’re getting when parting with such a large sum of money.

A HomeBuyers survey can often be the peace of mind that’s worth its weight in gold.

But what do they entail, and how long will one take?


What is a HomeBuyers survey for? 

A HomeBuyers survey (also known as a HomeBuyers report or a Level 2 Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Survey) is basically a condition check on a property.

A step up from a condition report, it’s a more detailed visual inspection that will highlight any areas of concern. 

It’s RICS’ most popular survey, and is generally appropriate for homes in a reasonable condition. 

For older homes, or if you would like a more extensive survey carried out, a Building Survey (Level 3 RICS) may be more suitable. 

Buyers can use survey results to request repairs be carried out – or money be knocked off the asking price – before going ahead with a purchase. 

House surveys are usually commissioned by the buying party. However, sellers can also arrange them. This tends to be the case if a property is being sold at auction, and they want to give potential bidders an in-depth insight. 


How long does a HomeBuyers survey take? 

A HomeBuyers survey can take anywhere between one and four hours to complete. The waiting time will depend on the condition of the property, and varies from surveyor to surveyor. Most will try to have the result from the inspection back to you within five working days. HomeBuyer surveys remain valid for an indefinite period of time; there is no expiration date. HomeBuyer surveys are carried out by RICS qualified surveyors. Due to Covid-19, and the ongoing Stamp Duty holidays, surveyors are dealing with a huge backlog of transactions, so delays are to be expected. Always make sure you ask for a timeframe. 

The survey will list any issues that may affect house value. It offers background information on a property and location, and the inspection itself will cover the inside and outside of the building. This will include the roof, windows, walls, doors, bathrooms, boundary walls, fences and permanent outbuildings.

It will uncover any major structural damage as well as highlight problems such as woodworm, rot

dampness and condensation.

Inspections are non-intrusive, meaning the surveyor won’t look behind furniture, drill into walls or  pull up floorboards, 

The surveyors will also offer advice on repairs and ongoing maintenance.

HomeBuyer surveys generally cost between £350 and £1,000 depending on the size of the property. A ‘survey and valuation’ can also be requested, which will include the current market valuation of the property. 

These reports are written in an easy to understand way, with a simple traffic light system used to indicate the severity of the repairs. Green – no repairs; Amber – defects found, but no urgent action needed; Red – serious repairs that require urgent attention.


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