sell house without estate agent

What’s the fastest way to sell a house?   

The fastest way to sell a house is to a cash buying company (or an investor). You have the choice between choosing between national or local companies. Do your research before choosing though— from checking out real customer reviews to making sure that they have access to cash funds and the timelines that they tend to operate to. 

Whatever property cash buying company you choose there are certain things that are pretty standard: 

  • they will buy as seen so there is no need to waste time or money getting your home ‘ready to sell’;  
  • they can exchange quickly (usually between 7-14 days); 
  • they don’t charge selling fees (as there is no middle man estate agent involved); 
  • they offer a guaranteed sale since they are the buyer with access to cash funds; 
  • they will offer slightly less than ‘open market value’ for your home but it’s a trade off that most sellers are happy to make in favour of speed and ease of process. Plus with the absence of selling fees and costs to get a property fit to sell, the difference for a guaranteed sale usually doesn’t work out that high. 

The second fastest way to sell a house completely depends on market conditions, location, condition of the property, and more. 

Here are some other potential options to consider: 

1. List with a local estate agent and price low

Everything will sell if the price is right. But the open market doesn’t guarantee speed. For example, if your property isn’t in good condition or the market is slow,  then regardless of a low price it could take some time to sell. Plus, you’ll also probably end up with more cash in your pocket by choosing to go with an investor or a cash buying company. 

2. Auction

it’s a gamble on the night that you could win or lose. You have no real control over the price; set a reserve and you might see less bidding at the event, opt for no-reserve and you could get low-ball offers or hugely exceed expectations. Either way, it’s not cheap to sell via auction with high fees (often charged to the buyer but reflected in the price that they offer you), and a lot of pre prep required. 


If you live in Hull or East Yorkshire and need to sell your home quickly, then call us on 01482 655346 and our team will run you through our options.

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