Fast House Sale - Your Options Ranked

Fast House Sale in Hull — Options (Ranked) 

Need a fast house sale? We rank your options. 


#1 — Genuine Cash Buying Company 

    • This is the fastest way to sell your home and receive the money in your bank. 
    • This is the only option that 100% guarantees a sale. 
  • Pros:
      • There are no selling fees to pay. 
      • Your legal fees are usually paid for you. 
      • They will buy as seen. 
      • They can exchange within as little as 7 days. 
  • Considerations: 


#2 — Auction 

  • A good option if your property has ‘issues’ like a short lease or a defective title. 
  • Considerations: 
    • This option does not provide a guaranteed sale. It is a gamble on the night that someone wants to buy your property. 
    • High fees — these aren’t payable by you but the buyer will factor them into the price that they offer. 
    • You won’t get full market value, expect around 75%. 


#3 — Quick Sale Specialists (like Rezee)

  • Good option if: traditional agents haven’t found you a serious buyer; your house has fallen through and you don’t want the same risk next time round; cash buying companies aren’t offering a high enough price. 
  • Sold on the open market so expect around 85-95% of market value. 
  • Fixed timeframes for selling (so only work with motivated buyers who commit to purchase by means of a non-refundable deposit). 


#4 — PX with a new home builder 

  • Only relevant if you’re buying a new home so not an all-encompassing option. 
  • It’s only offered by house builders if you’re trading up. 
  • It’s usually around 95% of market value. 


#5 — Change estate agent 

  • If you’re out of contract then it’s worth looking elsewhere if your property hasn’t sold. 
  • If you’re using an online estate agent, then try a traditional agent. Their fees may be higher but they only get paid when they sell, so they are at least incentivised to work hard on your behalf. 


#6 — Bring in a second agent 

  • If your contract allows this then it can serve to make estate agents work harder and be proactive, resulting in a quicker sale (sometimes). 
  • Fees will probably be higher than average though (so expect around 2-3%). 

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