Fast House Sale - Your Options Ranked

Fast House Sale in Hull — Options (Ranked) 

Need a fast house sale? We rank your options. 


#1 — Genuine Cash Buying Company 

This is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to sell their homes and it’s easy to see why. ‘Guaranteed’ and ‘sale’ are two words that are going to appeal to any homeowner desperate for a quick deal. While any quotes given will invariably fall short of the ‘open market value’, sellers won’t lose out on as much as they may think with legal and selling fees usually covered by the buying company. You can’t put a price on the amount of stress this method removes either. 

    • This is the fastest way to sell your home and receive the money in your bank. 
    • This is the only option that 100% guarantees a sale. 
  • Pros:
      • There are no selling fees to pay. 
      • Your legal fees are usually paid for you. 
      • They will buy as seen. 
      • They can exchange within as little as 7 days. 
  • Considerations: 


#2 — Auction 

House hunters love seeking out bargains at auctions. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be a great place for sellers, too. Although there’s no guarantee your property will be snapped up on the night, and you have no real control over the price, selling at an auction does have its benefits. A sale means the exchange takes place straightaway, followed by completion within a month. You also never know. If an area’s in high demand your property may up exceeding valuation. A lot of prep work is required for auction sales, and you’ll need to factor in high fees as well. 

  • A good option if your property has ‘issues’ like a short lease or a defective title. 
  • Considerations: 
    • This option does not provide a guaranteed sale. It is a gamble on the night that someone wants to buy your property. 
    • High fees — these aren’t payable by you but the buyer will factor them into the price that they offer. 
    • You won’t get full market value, expect around 75%. 


#3 — Quick Sale Specialists (like Rezee)

Genuine quick sale experts can be worth their weight in gold, especially if the traditional way of selling, through an estate agent, isn’t working out. They will provide a free valuation, market your home to their vetted buyers, and once an offer is agreed will ensure the sale is carried out within the agreed timeframes. You may have to accept a small drop in the market value, in return for a quick sale, but if speed is of the essence then that may not be an issue. 

  • Good option if: traditional agents haven’t found you a serious buyer; your house has fallen through and you don’t want the same risk next time round; cash buying companies aren’t offering a high enough price. 
  • Sold on the open market so expect around 85-95% of market value. 
  • Fixed timeframes for selling (so only work with motivated buyers who commit to purchase by means of a non-refundable deposit). 


#4 — PX with a new home builder 

It goes without saying that this method of selling is only really applicable to anybody interested in purchasing a new build. Available to people who are ‘trading up’, part exchanging a home with a house builder can remove a significant amount of hassle from the whole selling process. No estate agents, no fees, no property chain. And at the end of it all, you get to move into a brand new house. 

  • Only relevant if you’re buying a new home so not an all-encompassing option. 
  • It’s only offered by house builders if you’re trading up. 
  • It’s usually around 95% of market value. 


#5 — Change estate agent 

You will have in your own mind a certain timeframe within which you want to sell. If you’re approaching the end of that period, and you’re noticing a significant drop in interest, then it could be time to change estate agents. This can be a little trickier than you may expect as a quick check of those pesky T&Cs could show that you’re locked into an exclusive contract. If that’s the case then there’s not much you can do until it ends, other than make plans for when that happens. Don’t be afraid to apply pressure to an underperforming estate agent. If they’re not answering the phone to you, call into their offices. Their inaction could be costing you a lot of money. 

  • If you’re out of contract then it’s worth looking elsewhere if your property hasn’t sold. 
  • If you’re using an online estate agent, then try a traditional agent. Their fees may be higher but they only get paid when they sell, so they are at least incentivised to work hard on your behalf. 


#6 — Bring in a second agent 

This will again depend on the contract you have with your current estate agent. If permitted though, working with multiple agencies can speed up the selling process considerably. You will almost certainly attract more interest this way, and possibly higher offers, although this will be offset by higher costs. Estate agents will be having to work harder in a multi-agency agreement, therefore fees are more likely to be around the 2 – 3% mark as opposed to the traditional 1.5%.

  • If your contract allows this then it can serve to make estate agents work harder and be proactive, resulting in a quicker sale (sometimes). 
  • Fees will probably be higher than average though (so expect around 2-3%). 

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