Sell & Rent Back - Your Options 

Can I sell and rent back my home? 


Need the money but not quite ready to move? It could be that you have an immediate debt to pay, are struggling to keep up with mortgage repayments, are going through a divorce, or simply want to wait until the end of the school term before you pack up and move. 

The good news? Selling doesn’t always have to mean moving. 

Here we outline your options. 


Your selling options


Most people considering sell and rent back options have one priority — speed. 


This rules out traditional selling routes via online or offline estate agents. Put bluntly, the open housing market is unpredictable, and it can take anywhere between a few months to years for a house sale to complete. What’s more, a sale can never be guaranteed and they often fall through, exacerbating your financial worries without you having any real control over the process. In fact, one in three deals fall through within the first three weeks of the process when searches are usually taking place. 


Auction provides speed but is ruled out on the very premise that it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to sell and rent back your home. It’s also a risky route to choose considering you have no control over the price that your home will be sold for; it’s simply a gamble on the night and depends on how many people in the room want it. Furthermore, you pay a hefty price for speed, as auction fees are high. Granted, it’s the seller that has to pay them, but they pass the cost on to the buyer by bidding less for your home. 


The most viable and best solution is to find a local cash buying company. Their business model is built around speed through simplifying the sales process and cutting out the middleman. Most will buy your home no matter what state of disrepair it’s in, the equity level, or your mortgage position, and rent it back to you for an agreed period.  


The benefits are clear: you are in control of the price that you sell your home for, you get breathing space before you need to move, and the process should be stress-free as they will more or less manage it from end to end. Plus, they can exchange within a few days. 


It’s important that you find a local company though, rather than choosing one of the national  players. They offer a personal service so you can deal with the same person and ensure that they understand your specific needs. They also tend to offer a fairer price as they will visit your home rather than relying on desktop valuations that don’t take into account the individual elements of your property. If you live in Hull or East Yorkshire and want to sell your home quickly, call us on 01482 655346 or email  We make a cash offer on every home we see, and are happy to explore different selling options to best suit your needs. 

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