Best time to sell a house

Best Time To Sell A House

Selling a house is more stressful than having a baby, changing jobs or getting married according to a recent survey. In fact, there’s only divorce that sits above it in the ‘stress’ list.  

And it’s no wonder when you consider what selling a home usually means for most;  inconvenient viewing times, the threat of buyer drop-out, high selling fees and unpredictable market movements. 

Moreover, there’s usually timing to consider. 


So when is the best time to sell a house? 

The best time to sell a house is a complex question to answer as it boils down to your motivation: is it money, speed, or a combination of both? 

Traditionally speaking, spring is considered the best time to sell since improving weather and blossoming gardens serves to showcase homes in their best light — great for lifting buyer mood and the price of your home.  Conversely,  winter and summer are periods to avoid with buyers more focused on Christmas festivities and summer holiday fun than the hassle of moving. 

But the housing market is anything but conventional these days with seller peaks and troughs as much the result of unpredictable political turmoil and emerging societal trends, as it is to do with the season. 

So if you’re serious about selling but don’t want the stress of the process, then perhaps it’s time to focus on flexibility rather than the season. 

To remove stress you need the winning combination of control, speed and guaranteed results. 

That’s the traditional estate agent route out the window. Average selling times in the UK are at  least 3 months and that’s only if everything goes right – a flood of viewings as soon as you list your home, a selection of offers to choose from, efficient solicitors, and coordinated buyer/ seller timetables.  

For guaranteed results, you need to find a cash buyer that is not in a property chain. That can either be an individual investor or usually it’s a company

There are lots of investors out there though, so like with anything, make sure that you do your due diligence before diving straight in. Consider opting for local based companies instead of national ones for more accurate and fair valuations;  check out customer reviews to assess the company’s reputation and validate credibility; and make sure that no third-parties are involved (in other words they have direct access to funds so there are no hold ups or down-the-line haggling).  

Once you agree a price, you set the timelines together, and it’s job done. As simple as that!

If you live in Hull or East Yorkshire and want to sell your house fast, then get in touch with Hull Cash Buyers on 01482 655 346.  We promise to make a cash offer on every home we see within 24 hours, and can exchange within 7 days. 

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